I’m fine

We’ve covered that you can ask Conas atá tú? How are you? to greet someone in a friendly way. But what if someone asks you that question during your time in Ireland? Let’s get you ready for that conversation. Replying to “How are you?” The best way to begin is to use this answer by default

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Irish language alphabet

The Irish alphabet has only 18 letters: (You’ll notice that you can play the sound of any text that has a play button beside it. We’ve packed Bitesize Irish lessons with these recordings to help you learn more effectively. Please listen to each recording as often as you like, and at your own pace.) Vowels

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A word about dialects

As you progress in your study of Irish, sooner or later you’re going to encounter the question of dialects. This is an issue that often seems to worry new learners, but it really shouldn’t. Here’s the dialect question in a nutshell: The three dialects There are three major spoken dialects of Irish: Munster (spoken in

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I’m fine, thanks

Here, we cover how to say “I’m fine”: Now let’s say it more politely, to show our real respect to the person we’re speaking with. Saying it with a “thank you” Let’s say someone asks you Conas atá tú? How are you? You can answer with how you’re feeling, followed by: Combine the phrase for how

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And you?

Imagine this You’re staying in an Irish guesthouse. It’s the morning time. You’ve come downstairs for a big Irish breakfast. Your host has greeted you with a friendly smile by saying: And you’ve replied by saying: And you could even say more, by thanking them: A natural way to keep the conversation going To be

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Spelling rule

Does the following sentence just look like a mixture of letters to you? We’ll tell you a pattern to help you start approaching words and spelling. You’ll see it everywhere in Irish. Once it clicks, you won’t be able to stop seeing it! Oh, and I’ll tell you what it means at the end. “mhadra”

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Count from 1 to 10

Now it’s time to start learning some new vocabulary! Let’s start learning to count in Irish! Count to ten! Now say it with me! Learning Tip: Notice that you say the little word “a” before the number when counting through the numbers in Irish. That may seem awkward at first, as it’s not something we’re

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