Análú – Breathing

Get to know your own breath, with your yoga teacher Séamus. He guides you bilingually to tune in to your breath. This allows you to have a positive practice in your day, while also immersing yourself in Gaeilge. Foclóir Breise – Extra Vocabulary deas éasca : nice and easy an-tabhachtach : very important meabhairshláinte :

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Síneadh – Stretching

Stretch your body within your current abilities, while practicing Gaeilge. Séamus bilingually guides you to the yoga approach to stretching. Stay within your abilities, yoga should never hurt. Orduithe – Commands léim suas agus síos : jump up and down déan cinnte : make sure tóg céim : take a step ardaigh : raise crom

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Scíth – Relaxation

Lig do scíth – relax, with your yoga teacher Séamus. Learn Irish through the practice of positive actions in your life. Séamus guides you bilingually. Key vocabulary from this lesson is below. Orduithe – Commands Baill Choirp – Body Parts bí : be lig : let cas : turn braith : sense / feel tabhair

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Intro to Bitesize Ióga

Fáilte go Bitesize Ióga! Meet our múinteoir ióga, Séamus. In this lesson, you’ll get an intro from Séamus about how to approach the four yoga videos in this series. By practicing yoga through bilingual videos, you’ll get the benefit of making use of Irish through practice.

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Irregular Verbs: Téigh (Go): Past

In Lesson: Verbs: An introduction to the irregulars, you learn that Irish has eleven irregular verbs, which are some of the most commonly encountered words in the language. In this lesson, you’ll learn the past tense of the verb Téigh: Go. Remember, these lessons on the irregular verbs are a little different from the other

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