Crack Irish Pronunciation

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You will go from being scared of written Irish language words, to being able to take one and approximately pronouncing it on your own. This will help you overcome a major stumbling block in making a deeper connection with your Irish heritage.

Crack The Pronunciation Rules For The Irish Language

  • You’ll step through this course with a mix of video of Eoin, founder of Bitesize Irish, and slides describing specific tips and rules to you.
  • You’ll download our Pronunciation Cheat Sheets, which you’ll learn here how to use.
  • The Worksheets are an additional 30-page resource to train you on the rules (and we’re here to help with your questions!)

When you see Irish language words written like “folúsghlantóir” written down, do you get scared

The trouble is, the Irish language is beautiful, but its agreed spelling standard uses different rules to those that you have been brought up with. There are combinations of letters in the Irish language that you will never see in other languages.

It’s not your fault that you can’t interpret how to pronounce “folúsghlantóir”. But you can start to get familiar with the rules, which I’ll step you through. For example, if you learn how to pronounce that “ú” accented “u”, then you’ll be more confident next time you see that letter in another new word.

In this course, you’ll pick up the tools for taking a written Irish language word be able to pronounce it approximately.

New words will no longer seem so scary. Become empowered to pick up vocabulary faster, read faster, and therefore speak sooner

Includes Pronunciation Cheat Sheets PDFs and Worksheet PDF.

Please ask questions! By taking this course, we’ll be happy to help you with your questions. Because being stuck on your own learning the Irish language is not fun.

Bitesize Cúrsaí is an online library of Irish language courses, this course included! You get to take the courses at your own pace. Featuring thousands of Irish language recordings, so you can shadow a speaker (repeat after them). And phonetic pronunciations. 

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